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Annelle K. Gregory
Annelle K. Gregory
Concert Violinist
John Hunter
John Hunter
Artist Services
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classicalWAV is where Classical Music Artists, Fans and Professionals connect on a global scale.

A unique Classical Music networking site -

Where Artists can connect with Fans and build up your Fanbase.

Where Fans can connect with other Fans, and with Artists, and share their passion.

Where Artists & Professionals can connect with each other to help establish a global professional network and help promote themselves and their music.

Where worldwide Classical Music concert performances are listed under Concert Listings – check it out, you can search by city, country, artist or date.

Where Classical CDs from PRO members are listed under CD Releases – check it out, you can search by artist, title or genre.

classicalWAV is FREE for everyone.

classicalWAVPRO is an added level of connection specifically designed to help Artists & Professionals build their professional network and help further their music.

Share your passion.  Help Change the World.  Connect on Classical Music.